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Money and Time Saving Tips # 2

Andover Home Repairs - Tip #2 Lighting
As the saying goes, “Time is Money”. The same is true when hiring a contractor.


Correct lighting is an important part of any professional finish. I’m not talking about a brightly sunlit room or light from a ceiling light or lamp….I’m talking direct, bright light that can only come from the brightness Halogen or LED lighting. Halogen work lights can be purchased at your local home center for around $15……be very careful with these, they get really, really hot! I prefer the new LED lights which are more expensive at $35, but they eliminate the fear of scalding yourself or starting a fire. They can be on for hours and produce absolutely zero heat!

As a beginner, I felt that light from an open window or a lamp was sufficient, until the lighting in the room changed….OH MY GOD! I couldn’t believe the imperfections that became noticeable. As a perfectionist, I learned quickly that the right lighting will give you the professional look that you desire.

check-markRemember, only do these things if you are physically able to. We offer special pricing for our elderly and physically disabled customers.

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Andover Testimonials

Dear Butch,

"You did a great job doing the painting in our house. You were very prompt and finished the job exactly when you promised it. You were very professional and afterwards when you cleaned everything up it was immaculate. We are very pleased with your work and we will definitely recommend you."


Tony and Maggi
Riverton, NJ

Hi Butch,

"I want to thank you earnestly for your efforts with your associate in restoring pride to our home after the previous tenants unfortunately had caused considerable damage. We really appreciate the excellent work which you did. We know whom to approach in the future for our home improvement needs. You were honest, punctual and patient with our schedule."


Nitin/ Shalini

 "After speaking with Butch about the work we wanted done, he came promptly as promised to do a free estimate.  He was professional and courteous, listening to what we envisioned and offering suggestions about how to proceed.  Butch and John obviously know what they are talking about with regard to the work, materials, process and time line needed to complete the project.  We were very satisfied with the work they did.  They cleaned up afterward and left our house as they found it. I would highly recommend Butch and John to perform a home renovation and we would most certainly use them again."

Kathleen Kronenbitter

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